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Indonesian people are very tolerant, or too tolerant?

In many countries, if you are late to work or if you make a little mistake, they can be very intolerant. They will scold you immediately and harshly. All of them seek perfection from their workers or employees.

In Indonesia, however, if you are late to work because you got stuck in a traffic jam or you make mistakes, you won’t get scolded directly even though it depends on who your boss is or whether he/she is a temperamental person or not. This is because Indonesian people are very tolerant. They realize that people make mistakes and it really is not their place to scold those people as they surely make mistakes too once or twice in a while.

Motivating employer

Tolerance, after all, is one of the Indonesian’s best traits that will make all Indonesians proud wherever they are. But the bad thing is that if those things are tolerated too much, the people might be so laid-back. They become a person who would not worry at all even if they make a mistake. Maybe this is why Indonesian people are so relaxed and laid-back. It is because they are not afraid getting scolded by their bosses.

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‘As long as it is enough’, not an Indonesian style

In Japan or other developing countries in the Europe (if compared to another part of Europe), the concept of living ‘as long as it is enough’ or ‘as long as they have what they want thus they do not need more’ are really the style of living for those people. People in Japan, for instance, some of whom are really prosperous in financial and yet they still choose to live in average.

A private transportation surely is better, but almost all Japanese people still choose train

A private transportation surely is better, but almost all Japanese people still choose the train

In Indonesia, the concept of living ‘as long as it is enough’ is also followed by those living far from the cities. But to those living in the cities or near the cities, there is no such word as ‘enough’. It is never enough.

They will always want more and more. More money, more luxury, more cars, more houses, more practical things, and more wives. Wait, exclude the last one unless the person is going for polygamy, which is of course, banned in Indonesia.

The richest in Indonesia

The richest in Indonesia

See another example in the Indonesian news that made it internationally these last two days. The workers in Indonesia commenced a two-day strike across all Indonesia. What they want is simple. They want a raise. In Jakarta, the demand for raising their salaries to IDR 3.700.000 (around $ US 350) was not fulfilled, but they should have been happy with it  because the Jakarta’s government has decided to raise the minimum wage to IDR 2.441.301 ( $ US 214 at the day’s rate). They are not satisfied at all, so they ask for more and more.

(See this video below about the strike or demonstration)

But then, will one ever stop and finally say “This is enough”?

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Indonesia, a country full of free music

In the European countries like Venice, Italy, Florence, Germany, Netherland, and Vienna, you can always hear a sweet musical tune anywhere.
There is always a musician or bard here and there, trying to entertain the crowd while hoping for a few cents.
Well, they are worth the cents because they do play the music beautifully and very entertaining.

In Indonesia, we also have those kind of things which, of course, are not entirely the same.
The first difference would be the place. They are not just playing on the street, but also in the public transportation and cafe.
But here, there are too many bards. So what do they do if their market share is so little?
That’s easy. Although it is not enough, they simply divide the area. So, don’t be surprised if you meet two or three groups of bards in one public transportation.

The second difference is the method. While bards in other countries use a more polite method, Indonesian bards choose to use a forceful method.
If there is one same thing about Indonesian bards, it is their forceful method. Wearing punk clothes, earrings, and tattoo, they politely apologize for disturbing your peace.
Then, after they finish playing, they ask money directly by opening their hand to you, often in an intimidating and forceful way.

The last difference is, sadly, their voice. Seriously, from the first time I meet a bard until this post is published, I have never met even one bard with a decent and not-too-damaging voice. No wonder that they have to use the intimidating method. They must have realized that their voice are not good enough to be paid even for a cent.

(See this video about them)

It is quite sad to see those children who are supposed to have a bright future but end up becoming bards, right?
Well, save your money and sympathy because what they get is not actually what they earn, and since it is dangerous to meet these bards, especially for tourists, I would suggest renting a car and hiring a driver.
I’ll tell more about these in the upcoming posts later.

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