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Eid is a holy day? Think again

Eid Mubarakh is just at the doorstep right now in Indonesia. This year, it will occur on 8-9 of August.
Eid is celebrated by Moslem after the long period of fasting. The tradition is to go to each of their hometown, gather and eat many kinds of food that reminds you of home with family again, apologize for everything throughout the year.

It is a holy day. However, the days before the Eid days are the dangerous ones. The crime rate is seriously going up twice or thrice compared to other ordinary days.
Why? it is simply because many Indonesian people do not have enough money to go back to their hometown and meet their family, so they resort to criminal acts.
This often happens in public transportation such as Busway, buses, taxi, bajajs. Riding your own vehicle and even walking are not safe.

That’s why you have to stay very very sharp, careful, and watchful. Keep your belongings safe in your bag and guard it with both of your hands.

(Open this link below to see how those sinful people do their condemned acts)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

What is that loud praying voice?

For those of you who live outside of Indonesia, especially in America or Europe, you will not know and realize how quiet your place is.

Sure, big city is not quiet. It is polluted with the horns and engines of the cars.
But for those who live in a small city like in the outskirt, you won’t hear cars honking or the engines often.
Just imagine hearing the serenity of the spring, wind chime and crickets in the summer, warm breeze in the autumn, and blissful calm in the winter.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as quiet and calm anywhere in Indonesia.
Because, for around 5 TIMES A DAY, you will hear the loud praying voice coming from the loudspeaker of the mosques.

(this video shows what you will hear 5 times a day)

This is Indonesia.┬áSo, don’t get angry because you can’t sleep or that it is too loud. Tolerance is important, and maybe a headset too.

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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