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‘As long as it is enough’, not an Indonesian style

In Japan or other developing countries in the Europe (if compared to another part of Europe), the concept of living ‘as long as it is enough’ or ‘as long as they have what they want thus they do not need more’ are really the style of living for those people. People in Japan, for instance, some of whom are really prosperous in financial and yet they still choose to live in average.

A private transportation surely is better, but almost all Japanese people still choose train

A private transportation surely is better, but almost all Japanese people still choose the train

In Indonesia, the concept of living ‘as long as it is enough’ is also followed by those living far from the cities. But to those living in the cities or near the cities, there is no such word as ‘enough’. It is never enough.

They will always want more and more. More money, more luxury, more cars, more houses, more practical things, and more wives. Wait, exclude the last one unless the person is going for polygamy, which is of course, banned in Indonesia.

The richest in Indonesia

The richest in Indonesia

See another example in the Indonesian news that made it internationally these last two days. The workers in Indonesia commenced a two-day strike across all Indonesia. What they want is simple. They want a raise. In Jakarta, the demand for raising their salaries to IDR 3.700.000 (around $ US 350) was not fulfilled, but they should have been happy with it  because the Jakarta’s government has decided to raise the minimum wage to IDR 2.441.301 ( $ US 214 at the day’s rate). They are not satisfied at all, so they ask for more and more.

(See this video below about the strike or demonstration)

But then, will one ever stop and finally say “This is enough”?

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National strike day is equal to national financial crisis day

In so many countries, October 31st is the Halloween day. People wear terrifying costume, carving pumpkins, and children playing trick or treat in their neighborhood to get candies. Families getting together in the living room with a fireplace because it is getting cold as winter is just around the corner.

But in Indonesia, today is not a Halloween day as Indonesian people do not celebrate Halloween. Today, October 31 2013, Indonesian people especially the workers are celebrating the national strike day. It is not a real designated day, of course, but rather just a day acclaimed to be one.

Workers from all around Indonesia are having a strike, They stop working and start demonstrating their demands to the government. They basically want their minimum salary to be raised. This causes the national financial crisis day because almost all factory and office stop operating today. Why does the office stop too? Because they afraid that the strike and demonstration will get uncontrolled and too anarchist.

The strike alone is enough to cause the companies suffer great loss financially. If the workers’ demand is fulfilled, then the owner of the factory will surely get into a financial crisis and have to fire some of the workers as the owner cannot afford to hire them all with such high salary.

Courtesy given to those in the descriptions

If that is not bad enough, the strike does not go for 1 day only but for two days. Imagine the profit and time lost of two days worth.

(See this video about the strike and demonstration)

This demonstration, even though it succeeds, will turn out bad in the end because the only way to raise the workers’ salary is by firing some of the workers.

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The bad economy is caused by national holidays?

On average, the national holidays of any country in the world are around 10-15 days per year. This creates a good place for competition in factory or other industries, because the less national holidays they have, the more productions can be made. Countries like China, has its workers work 48 hours per week, and the workers are paid based on how many pieces of clothing they make in a clothing factory. You can imagine the efficiency and the productivity, right?

National holidays

But do you know that in Indonesia, the national holidays are around 28-32 days per year. This is because Indonesia embraces its diversity in religions by celebrating each religion’s big day as national holidays. Not to mention, Indonesia has a strange day called ‘stuck’ day. It’s a normal working day but can be declared as a holiday because that day is in the middle of national holidays. So, for example, Sunday is a holiday and the Tuesday is one of the national holidays, then the Monday will be a holiday too.

Red date

One can safely think that Indonesian people are very laid-back. Not only the national holidays have given Indonesian people enough leisure, the factory workers only work for 40 hours per week and yet, they still complain about it. This, of course, affects Indonesian’s economy. How would Indonesia compete with other developing countries if the national holiday system itself is too laid back? But then again, thanks to that system, one can really have a laid-back life and truly enjoy the leisure of holidays.

(See this video below about the latest decision from the President of Indonesia regarding the worker day to be a national holiday)

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