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Indonesia is full of visual trashes

Many streets or corners around the world are very clean and free of anything, like in Singapore. This is because the government enforces a strict rule and big fine for those who break the rule. Therefore, although it is somewhat forced, the effect can always be felt and embraced. The cleanliness is now one of many interesting things proudly held by Singapore.

But in Indonesia, you surely cannot expect the cleanliness of Singapore. These pictures below will make you understand right away.

The trashes can destroy your nose by its bad smell and your eye by its dirtiness, but that is not the visual trash I am talking about. What I am talking about is the beauty of marketing that has become nothing more than a trash.

Exactly, we have to blame the marketing to have put the city into a drawing paper full of pictures and letters. From the marketing view, it is beautiful because the street user would definitely see the advertisement especially if the advertisement is unique and eye-catching.

But from the word “beautiful” itself, it is not beautiful at all. Instead, it destroys the beauty of a what is supposed to be a clean city but turned into nothing more than a place to do marketing. Furthermore, the purpose is not there anymore. There are too many advertisements that the street users do not have time to see all the advertisements, and that, slowly, makes everyone stop noticing and looking at the advertisement too.

(See this video below to see just a glimpse of the visual trashes)

If you want to put your advertisements somewhere, now you know you don’t need to waste your money putting your advertisement on the trees or electrical pole near the street.
Maybe you can think of something new, like in the toilet for example. People, especially men, will definitely stand in one spot when they are doing their ‘business’. That spot can be given an advertisement, and surely they will look and read at it as they don’t have anything better to do except to finish their ‘business’ in the toilet.

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Where’s the trash bin in Indonesia? Anywhere

In countries all over the world, they are always taught to throw the garbages or trashes into a trash bin. Of course, there are some irresponsible people as they do not care where they throw the trashes, but if they are seen by a patrolling police, they will get fined. So, they will have to bring their trashes around and find a trash bin. Well, it is tedious but better than paying the fine, isn’t it?

While in Indonesia, you don’t need to find a trash bin if you want to throw something away. So where is the trash bin in Indonesia? Anywhere. You can just throw your garbage in the street, and no police will fine you. When you climb a mountain, you won’t find any trash bin, so just throw the garbage somewhere.

This is the reality of Indonesia. Compared to other countries with a good sanitary system, Indonesia is left far behind.
But don’t worry, Indonesian people have something to overcome this.
Dust, noise, and smoke pollution, combined with the bad smell from trashes in the street means business opportunities for masks, right? Furthermore, people have to buy countless masks as they can only be worn at most 3 times or 3 days.

(See this video about the disgusting side of Indonesia)

Almost all Indonesian people think that it is okay to throw the trashes to the street because everyone is doing it. Then, It is no wonder to see the streets in Indonesia in a pitiful state.
Of course this is not a suggestion to allow you throwing garbage or trashes randomly.

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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