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In Indonesia, food resembles people

Every country has its own unique food or drink which is special to the country. Like pasta and spaghetti from Italy or taco from Mexico.

For Indonesia, the Indonesian food is not only special and dear to the country, but also characterizes or resembles the people in the area.
Two examples of this are Padang food and Middle Java food.

Padang food (See information about it in this post) is known for its spiciness which resembles the Padang people or West Sumatra people who are identically seen as people who speak loudly and speak whatever is on their mind.

Rendang, a  spicy food from Padang

Rendang, a spicy food from Padang

Middle Java food, is known for its sweetness which resembles the people living there who are calm and not big-headed.

Gudeg rice, a sweet food from Middle Java

Gudeg rice, a sweet food from Middle Java

The food there is not spicy but sweet because the condiment used is not spicy. They used fruits as the condiments to give the sweet and the sour taste to the food. Like Gudeg rice, the Gudeg is made from young jack fruit which is boiled for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk.

The most common Gudeg rice comes from Yogyakarta, and is usually sweeter, drier and reddish in because of the addition of teak leaves. What is unique about it is that it needs around three days just to make Gudeg. It can stay delicious for two days after, though.
If you are interested, you can buy this in the local restaurant in Yogyakarta for around IDR 10.000 to 20.000 ( $ US 1 to 2).

(See this video to know more about Gudeg rice)

Of course, with all the varieties spread out throughout Indonesia, various adjustments are made to the foods to fit the tongue of the local people in each area.

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Padang rice is ‘recycled’ food ?

In American states, McDonald’s is everywhere. When you are walking or driving in your car, it’s not weird to see a McDonald’s every 5 minutes.
“Hey look, a McDonald!”, 5 minutes later, “Hey, another McDonald!”, 5 minutes after that, “Enough with the chicken, seriously.”
Well, it is everywhere, right? You can see in the picture below. The red dots are the Mcdonald’s.

McDonald's.. McDonald's everywhere...

Nevertheless, when you come to Indonesia, you can spare the disturbed thought because you won’t always see McDonald’s.
What you will always see, though, is Padang restaurant. They are everywhere all over Indonesia. They serve the famous rendang, a cow meat seasoned with spicy spices. They are also known for the unique server’s skill which is carrying many plates at once, and I am talking about 10 plates, not just 2 with 1 on each hand.

Savory, isn’t it? But you have to know this. Padang foods are actually ‘recycled’. Not the one that goes through recycling, though.

In the morning, they are all new and freshly-cooked in the kitchen. Then people come and eat, some eat until the plates clean, but some don’t.
Those unfinished foods are actually going back to the main display and will be eaten by the next person ordering it.
So, you might want to think twice or thrice before helping yourself to the Padang foods.

(See this video about Padang restaurant)

(See this video too about Padang restaurant and the skillful server)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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