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Queue is not a word for Indonesian people

Queueing is normal. It happens everywhere in the world. Most people from any country would respect to the unwritten norm to queue or wait in line, and never ever take someone’s turn.

In Indonesia, however, there is no such thing like queueing. You are lucky if you can see Indonesian people queueing.
Indonesian people can often be so impatient. They don’t like to wait in line unless they are forced to, like in supermarket cashier or in a bank. Yet, often they do not queue in the bank.

This bad habit of Indonesian people really needs to stop. It is a shame to other country who sees it. In the event like the local government giving out free ration to those who need it, the rations are enough for everybody. Yet, those people still do not want to wait in line or queueing. They do not realize the danger of not queueing.

(See this video to see the danger of not waiting in line)

Yes, the kids got the danger. They are, strangely, queueing in the crowd with their parents knowing their bodies are small compared to the adults. Thus, they get pressed and kicked around in the crowd. Not to mention, there could be a thief in the crowd.
Indonesian people really need to realize the importance of queueing. It might take a longer time than not waiting in line, but it is worth the wait.

For supermarket owners, a queue can actually be very helpful for the business. People waiting in line will get bored, and thus a diversion might be useful so the customers do not get too bored while waiting. The diversion, fortunately, can be those little groceries or chocolates or candies that they don’t usually buy. Putting those things in the display near the cashier can be beneficial as they tend to buy what is on the display.

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Going to a picnic without lunch box? No worries

Going to a picnic in a mountain or simply to a park nearby must be fun, especially if we bring our own lunch boxes.

But do you know that in Indonesia, there is no habit like that? Indonesian people do not bring their own lunch box or picnic bag. Many reasons cause it, such as lazy to cook and prepare it, not enough ingredients to cook, and probably the most affecting reason of them all is that they prefer to try the local cuisine.

There are a wide variety of cuisines in Indonesia. Fried rice and fried noodle are not the authentic ones because these are from China originally. Some of the authentic ones are the Padang, Sundanese, Makassar, and Javanese food. Travelling to somewhere for a picnic means coming to a new place. Coming to a new place means different cuisine.
This difference in food encourages Indonesian people to not bring their picnic bag or lunch box, but instead taste the new and unique local cuisine.

Bandung, one of the local and international tourist spot in Indonesia, has many local cuisines to offer.

So, if you want to go to holiday or have a picnic in one of many Indonesia’s tourist spots, you don’t need to bring a lunch box. Enjoy the local cuisine, meet the new and friendly Indonesians, and meet the unique local culture.

(See this video below about a culinary destination in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia)

It’s far better than bringing your own lunch box, right?

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Indonesian Street Vendors Seize Pedestrians’ Right even on Crossing Bridges

Street vendors are sellers selling their goods on the street sides. They are searching for places that is crowded with the pedestrians, so they can sell things fast. Not only that, they are also searching places that allow them to vend without paying for rent. Therefore, street side is the perfect place for them to vend their goods.

Jakarta is a perfect place for you to see those street vendors. As Jakarta is a big city where everyone dreams big about getting a lot of money there. You can buy things easily from street vendors, because they are, literally, everywhere. You can even buy newspaper, drinks, snacks, even a wooden statue for your house decoration from the street, without getting out of your car. They will come to you and start offering you their goods while you are at the intersection and the light are showing red.

Pedestrians can also buy many unique merchandise from pavements. The merchants are usually vending phone cases, watches, toys, shoes, and many more. They are selling their stuff cheaply, simply because they do not have to pay for rent. Unlike those big merchants at the mall, or inside a building where they have to rent a place and pay for it every month. Aside from getting many merchandise cheaply and easily, as one of the pedestrian you will also get annoyed by those street vendors existences. They are using half of the pavement that is specially provided for the pedestrians. Now, not only pavements used by street vendors but also crossing bridges. Crossing bridges are built for the pedestrians to cross the street safely and for them to get into the Transjakarta bus. However, this is seen as a big opportunity by the street vendors. As a result, they are moving to the crossing bridge to sell their things there.

The current governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo, had already successfully cleared up the street vendors at Tanah Abang. The next street vendors’ area to be cleared up is Kota Tua, Jatinegara, Pasar Minggu, and crossing bridges. The street vendors, with ID cards and have been selling there for a long time, will be relocated to a nicer and cheap kiosk inside a building. They are also given a 6-month period of free rent to make enough income to pay for the kiosks rent after the 6-month period. This is considered as a win-win solution by the government both for the pedestrians and the street vendors. For the time being, Jakarta, the heart of Indonesia, is being revitalized to be a better city with cleaner streets, pavements, and crossing bridges. Better public facility will make streets become free from traffic jams and enhancing people’s experience of public transportation.

Then, is Indonesia getting better? Or maybe it is just a temporary change? Nevertheless, the uniqueness of Indonesia have never gone out.

(See this video below to see street vendors selling on a crossing bridge)

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Why do chores when you can hire a housemaid?

The butler and maid system in England was a very magnificent yet luxurious system. Having everything taken care of without breaking a sweat at all feels so great, but of course, they are only for rich people as the cost for having a butler or a maid is very expensive.

BUT in Indonesia, you can have a housemaid with a far cheaper cost. They are called pembantu in Indonesia, and usually people hire the female ones. Their salary varies from IDR 1.000.000 ($ US 100) to IDR 2.000.000 ($ US 200).
They can do the same magic with the butler and maid in England.
When you get home, you don’t need to put your shoes neatly or in a shoe box. The maid will do it for you.
Then, you are getting in, realizing that the floor is clean because it has been swept and mopped by the maid.
Remove your socks, clothes, and pants on the floor or on the sofa. Leave them there and the maid will wash and iron them for you. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, they will be ready again for you to use them.
If you have a bathtub, ask your maid to prepare the water. If you want to eat, the maid can cook for you. This is why people hire the female ones.
If you want coffee, just ask for coffee and it will be served for you. After you finish drinking the coffee, just leave the mug or cup there or put it in the kitchen and your maid will clean it for you.
If you have a garden, they can tend the garden and water it everyday.
If you have children, they can babysit for you.

A unique thing to know is that you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a washing machine in your house, because your maid can be a washing machine.
The maid can wash all kinds of clothings with the washing board. All she needs is energy because it is powered by a human, and a washing board with soaps.

Washing board

Washing board

So, why do chores when you can hire a housemaid?

(See this video below to see a maid washing and cleaning)

Don’t worry, at least your maid won’t use the dirty water from the river to clean the dishes and the clothes.

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Black plastic bags, dangerous but popular

There are many ways to bring stuff. One of them is by using plastic bags. Everybody uses it. It’s free because if you are shopping for groceries or other stuffs, you will always get plastic bags to bring them.

Of course, there is no difference in Indonesia. We use plastic bags too here. (See this post to know more about it)
But do you know that there is a black plastic bag? It is just an ordinary plastic bag but it is entirely more dangerous than the ordinary ones.

Why is it dangerous?
First, it is a recycled product. You won’t know what it was recycled from. Factory waste or other dangerous chemical residue, perhaps?
Second, plastic bags used for trash like in the picture above might be recycled again to be used, or maybe just washed.
Third, the amount of people who know about this is too low.

Crazy, isn’t it? What’s crazier, though, is that the black plastic bags are often used for wrapping fries.
Usually, the fries are wrapped with paper to absorb the oily surface of the fries, but of course, that doesn’t make it any safer and healthier.

So, never ever use black plastic bags. Either use plastic bags with other colors, or don’t use it at all.

(See this video about the danger of plastic bags)

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Chili and Crackers, so incomplete without them

I am sure some of you, if not most, are comfortable with eating food as it is.
Steak, fried rice, fried chicken, fried fish, pizza, spaghetti, noodles, seafood, all are as they are and without asking for other condiments.

Indonesian people can eat like that too, BUT they don’t feel complete. They would feel like the food could have been better if something else is added.
So, say hello to the two most looked-for and eaten, chili and crackers.

Chili, very well-known for its spicy taste, has been pleasing the Indonesian’s tongue for centuries. Without it, the food tastes flavorless.
Crackers, very famous for its crispy texture, has always been the complement for any food, especially fried rice.

(See this commercial video about one of the most popular chili sauce brand in Indonesia)

(Even the President of United States agrees that “the bakso (meatball), the nasi goreng (fried rice), emping, the krupuk (cracker), all are delicious)

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Indonesia, still a plastic country?

“Los Angeles Prohibits The Use of Plastic Bags”
“Plastic Bags Are Officially Banned in Switzerland”
“Starting Jan 1, Italy Bans The Use of Plastic Bags”
“Most Korean Actors And Actresses Used To Have Plastic Surgery”

Wait, the last one is unrelated to this post.

I am sure some of you have heard these big news. Many countries all around the world have banned or prohibited the use of plastic bags. China, French, Rwanda, Uganda, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Australia, and some countries across India have done it very well. Supermarket like Wal-Mart are now prohibited too and has to charge the buyer for each plastic bag they use, only if.

The once very popular mean of carrying something is now banned. No wonder though because no matter how efficient it is, the plastic bag is actually used for only 25 minutes on average and needs around 100 years to degrade.

MEANWHILE in Indonesia, the daily weather forecast is “Cloudy with a chance of plastic bags”. You can bet the forecast is always right because they are everywhere, literally.

Furthermore, when shopping in a big supermarket like Carrefour or Hypermart, one full trolley translates to 10-15 plastic bags. Well, this is Indonesia. No matter how hard the government tells its people to stop using plastic bags, they are still the most convenient. The only solution is perhaps to find another convenient innovation, which is surely not the ‘Bring your own shopping bag’ thing.

(See this video about saying no to plastic bags)

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Noodle, No.1 rice replacement in Indonesia

Compared to American and European countries who are most comfortable with not eating rice and prefer bread, the Indonesian people are very fond with rice. Daily foods, whatever the side dishes are, are incomplete without rice as the main dish. Fried rice or Nasi Goreng (often abbreviated as nas-gor) is the most famous dish that can be made from rice.

So, what happens if there is no rice on the table? The famous replacement was actually a potato. Not fried potato or french fries like what you buy from McD or KFC, but ordinary potatoes. BUT surprisingly, that habit has changed. The most famous replacement is now noodles. It is very popular and well-received by all kinds of people. It comes in many variations of flavors, size, and conveniences. There’s the normal size, big size (1,5 times of the normal size), and there’s noodle that comes with a cup.

Then, there is the most popular noodles, Mi Goreng rendang for the normal size and the Indomie Mi Goreng instant cup noodles for the cup size. Explaining foods by words seems tedious and unnecessary, so see the pictures below.

(See the commercial video too)


And here’s the one for the cup size.

Easy, practical, quick, and delicious are everything you get from it. No wonder that the noodles are very famous in Indonesia. Ever thought about investing in one of the companies?

(Courtesy goes respectfully to the rightful owner,

Vending machine in Indonesia? Bad Idea!

Vending machine is very popular in Japan, America, and Europe. You can buy drinks, foods, daily needs, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, soft drinks, hot drinks, ice cream, you name it. Everything can be sold in a vending machine these days.

BUT in Indonesia, vending machine is useless. Indonesian people will not buy from vending machine.

If you sell those things above, you will need to pay attention to the canvassing strategy which expands your products distribution to grocery stores spread out in almost every sides of the streets in Indonesia.

This is why vending machine is useless in Indonesia. One grocery store is guarded 24/7, and it is enough to fulfill more than half of your daily needs. (mostly the grocery store is open 24/7 because the owner lives and sleeps there). This is like the traditional version of  7 Eleven spread out all over Indonesia.

(See this video of a grocery store, it has almost everything you need)

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