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Cross the street anywhere you want

In most countries, you cannot cross the road anywhere you want because it is dangerous and you can get fined by a traffic police. Besides, surely there is a crossing bridges or zebra cross around for pedestrians to cross the street. Even though sometimes it’s not convenient when you are in a hurry, using the zebra cross or crossing bridges is far safer. So why take the risk?

BUT in Indonesia, no matter if you are in a hurry or not, you can cross the road anywhere you want. You don’t need to look for zebra cross or crossing bridges.
For car or motorcycle drivers, you need to be extra careful because who knows if there is any people crossing the street or not.
Furthermore, traffic jam in Jakarta is often caused by many people crossing the street in any way they want. Hence, the cars and motorcycles must stop to let the people cross.
But then again, looking at how pedestrians’ rights are taken by the other irresponsible street users, maybe it’s not that weird.

(See this tutorial video to see the danger of crossing the street in Jakarta, Indonesia)
To cross the street, you need to be very brave. You need to look for the delay between the traffic. The cars and motors will hopefully notice you and slow down their vehicles.
Well, this is Indonesia. A unique country where you need a tutorial just to cross a normal street.
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Motorcycle is the king in Indonesia

In most countries, pedestrians are the king of the street. Look at Japan or Singapore, even without traffic lights, all the vehicles will stop just to let one person cross the street. While in Indonesia, sometimes you need to have a traffic police accompany you to cross a zebra crossing.

Compared to Indonesia, motorcycle is the king. Not only because they can pass through the traffic jam easily (See this post to know more about  ‘Ojek’) and that they take the pedestrian street (See this post about them), but also because they can ride the crossing bridge made solely for pedestrian and that they have advantage in traffic light.

What is worse, though, is that when an accident happens, the motorcycle seems to always win even though it is clearly wrong.
For example, when a motorcycle is driving recklessly and got hit by a car, it is the car’s fault for not being careful. If the car driver is stubborn and saying that he is right, other motorcycle driver might help arguing that the car is wrong. Life is unfair, isn’t it?

So, whatever happens, never challenge yourself to beating motorcycle if you want to stay out of trouble. You have someone waiting at your home, and the quote ‘Slow but Safe’ is the virtue.
Nevertheless, investing in motorcycle industry is wise.

(See this video to see the irresponsible motorcycle drivers)

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Pedestrians come in many forms, including motor

Pedestrian has always meant a person walking along the sides of the street, and the sides of the street has always been made for the pedestrian. Every country in the world can receive this logical reasoning.

BUT Indonesian people seem to have failed receiving this simple logical reasoning. When you come to Indonesia, don’t be surprised to see that the pedestrian street is not used by pedestrian only. Cadger or Pedagang kaki lima (5-legged seller, they are called that way because the seller has 2 legs and the cart has 3 legs), parking space for cars or motors, small stall, and even motor way. You need to have 4 eyes if you want to walk on the pedestrian street, 2 in the front, and 2 in the back.

(See these pictures below because seeing is believing)

Traffic jam is one of the biggest unsolved problems in Indonesia. Experts and analysts have always argued that one of the causes is that people do not want to use the public transportation.

Yes, you guessed it. How does the government expect the people to use badly-managed public transportation when the pedestrian street is badly-managed itself? People who ride public transportation always use pedestrian street before getting in and after getting of the public transportation, right? Well, welcome to Indonesia, where uniqueness are overrated.

(See how bad it is in this video)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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