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Cross the street anywhere you want

In most countries, you cannot cross the road anywhere you want because it is dangerous and you can get fined by a traffic police. Besides, surely there is a crossing bridges or zebra cross around for pedestrians to cross the street. Even though sometimes it’s not convenient when you are in a hurry, using the zebra cross or crossing bridges is far safer. So why take the risk?

BUT in Indonesia, no matter if you are in a hurry or not, you can cross the road anywhere you want. You don’t need to look for zebra cross or crossing bridges.
For car or motorcycle drivers, you need to be extra careful because who knows if there is any people crossing the street or not.
Furthermore, traffic jam in Jakarta is often caused by many people crossing the street in any way they want. Hence, the cars and motorcycles must stop to let the people cross.
But then again, looking at how pedestrians’ rights are taken by the other irresponsible street users, maybe it’s not that weird.

(See this tutorial video to see the danger of crossing the street in Jakarta, Indonesia)
To cross the street, you need to be very brave. You need to look for the delay between the traffic. The cars and motors will hopefully notice you and slow down their vehicles.
Well, this is Indonesia. A unique country where you need a tutorial just to cross a normal street.
(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Unique transportation system in Jakarta

Traffic jam has always been a major problem in Indonesia, especially in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.
Many solutions have been tried like the busway system and the unfinished monorail, which of course are not solving any problem.
In fact, it creates more traffic because the street is more narrow.

There are many other solutions to solve the traffic problem in Jakarta. One of them is the odd and even system for plate number.
The plate number which has the odd number such as 1351 can only enter Jakarta on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
While, the even number such as 1356 can only enter Jakarta on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
This system is not implemented yet, and by seeing how Indonesia does with the monorail, I don’t think it will be implemented anytime soon.

There is one system that you need to be aware of, though. It is the 3 in 1 system, which means that there must be 3 people in 1 car. If there are no 3 people in the car, you will get stopped and ticketed by the traffic police. The 3 in 1 system is implemented in 7 am – 10 am and 4.30 pm to 7 pm.
This system, thankfully, is not implemented in all streets of Jakarta. It is mostly implemented in the Central Jakarta area like Semanggi street or Kuningan street.

On the other side, Indonesian people seem to be able to see the opportunity. Do you know that there is a very unique job in Indonesia?
We call it ‘joki 3 in 1′ / 3 in 1 jockey. This informal job only exists in Indonesia.
The 3 in 1 system time period is on the rush hour in the morning and the evening. At those rush hours, most of the cars only have 1 person inside.
Why? Because they are going to the office from their home.

These jockeys see this opportunity. So during the 3 in 1 time period, you can many ordinary people standing at the side of the street, offering their hand.
You can hire these people for around IDR 10.000 ($ US 1) to IDR 100.000 ($ US 10). Try to look for the cheapest price because you only need them when the 3 in 1 system is on.

My suggestion is hire the one with the babies or children, or women. They are usually harmless. This is because some of the jockeys might actually be a criminal who wants to hijack your car and take your money.
Other than that, some are actually selling themselves as prostitutes. While the others usually give bad smells from their armpits.

(See this video below about the 3 in 1 jockey)

Well, this is the uniqueness of Indonesia.

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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