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Cross the street anywhere you want

In most countries, you cannot cross the road anywhere you want because it is dangerous and you can get fined by a traffic police. Besides, surely there is a crossing bridges or zebra cross around for pedestrians to cross the street. Even though sometimes it’s not convenient when you are in a hurry, using the zebra cross or crossing bridges is far safer. So why take the risk?

BUT in Indonesia, no matter if you are in a hurry or not, you can cross the road anywhere you want. You don’t need to look for zebra cross or crossing bridges.
For car or motorcycle drivers, you need to be extra careful because who knows if there is any people crossing the street or not.
Furthermore, traffic jam in Jakarta is often caused by many people crossing the street in any way they want. Hence, the cars and motorcycles must stop to let the people cross.
But then again, looking at how pedestrians’ rights are taken by the other irresponsible street users, maybe it’s not that weird.

(See this tutorial video to see the danger of crossing the street in Jakarta, Indonesia)
To cross the street, you need to be very brave. You need to look for the delay between the traffic. The cars and motors will hopefully notice you and slow down their vehicles.
Well, this is Indonesia. A unique country where you need a tutorial just to cross a normal street.
(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Indonesian Street Vendors Seize Pedestrians’ Right even on Crossing Bridges

Street vendors are sellers selling their goods on the street sides. They are searching for places that is crowded with the pedestrians, so they can sell things fast. Not only that, they are also searching places that allow them to vend without paying for rent. Therefore, street side is the perfect place for them to vend their goods.

Jakarta is a perfect place for you to see those street vendors. As Jakarta is a big city where everyone dreams big about getting a lot of money there. You can buy things easily from street vendors, because they are, literally, everywhere. You can even buy newspaper, drinks, snacks, even a wooden statue for your house decoration from the street, without getting out of your car. They will come to you and start offering you their goods while you are at the intersection and the light are showing red.

Pedestrians can also buy many unique merchandise from pavements. The merchants are usually vending phone cases, watches, toys, shoes, and many more. They are selling their stuff cheaply, simply because they do not have to pay for rent. Unlike those big merchants at the mall, or inside a building where they have to rent a place and pay for it every month. Aside from getting many merchandise cheaply and easily, as one of the pedestrian you will also get annoyed by those street vendors existences. They are using half of the pavement that is specially provided for the pedestrians. Now, not only pavements used by street vendors but also crossing bridges. Crossing bridges are built for the pedestrians to cross the street safely and for them to get into the Transjakarta bus. However, this is seen as a big opportunity by the street vendors. As a result, they are moving to the crossing bridge to sell their things there.

The current governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo, had already successfully cleared up the street vendors at Tanah Abang. The next street vendors’ area to be cleared up is Kota Tua, Jatinegara, Pasar Minggu, and crossing bridges. The street vendors, with ID cards and have been selling there for a long time, will be relocated to a nicer and cheap kiosk inside a building. They are also given a 6-month period of free rent to make enough income to pay for the kiosks rent after the 6-month period. This is considered as a win-win solution by the government both for the pedestrians and the street vendors. For the time being, Jakarta, the heart of Indonesia, is being revitalized to be a better city with cleaner streets, pavements, and crossing bridges. Better public facility will make streets become free from traffic jams and enhancing people’s experience of public transportation.

Then, is Indonesia getting better? Or maybe it is just a temporary change? Nevertheless, the uniqueness of Indonesia have never gone out.

(See this video below to see street vendors selling on a crossing bridge)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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