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National strike day is equal to national financial crisis day

In so many countries, October 31st is the Halloween day. People wear terrifying costume, carving pumpkins, and children playing trick or treat in their neighborhood to get candies. Families getting together in the living room with a fireplace because it is getting cold as winter is just around the corner.

But in Indonesia, today is not a Halloween day as Indonesian people do not celebrate Halloween. Today, October 31 2013, Indonesian people especially the workers are celebrating the national strike day. It is not a real designated day, of course, but rather just a day acclaimed to be one.

Workers from all around Indonesia are having a strike, They stop working and start demonstrating their demands to the government. They basically want their minimum salary to be raised. This causes the national financial crisis day because almost all factory and office stop operating today. Why does the office stop too? Because they afraid that the strike and demonstration will get uncontrolled and too anarchist.

The strike alone is enough to cause the companies suffer great loss financially. If the workers’ demand is fulfilled, then the owner of the factory will surely get into a financial crisis and have to fire some of the workers as the owner cannot afford to hire them all with such high salary.

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If that is not bad enough, the strike does not go for 1 day only but for two days. Imagine the profit and time lost of two days worth.

(See this video about the strike and demonstration)

This demonstration, even though it succeeds, will turn out bad in the end because the only way to raise the workers’ salary is by firing some of the workers.

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What is that loud praying voice?

For those of you who live outside of Indonesia, especially in America or Europe, you will not know and realize how quiet your place is.

Sure, big city is not quiet. It is polluted with the horns and engines of the cars.
But for those who live in a small city like in the outskirt, you won’t hear cars honking or the engines often.
Just imagine hearing the serenity of the spring, wind chime and crickets in the summer, warm breeze in the autumn, and blissful calm in the winter.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as quiet and calm anywhere in Indonesia.
Because, for around 5 TIMES A DAY, you will hear the loud praying voice coming from the loudspeaker of the mosques.

(this video shows what you will hear 5 times a day)

This is Indonesia.┬áSo, don’t get angry because you can’t sleep or that it is too loud. Tolerance is important, and maybe a headset too.

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