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Jakarta’s other name is Venice

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy located in a group of 118 small islands which are separated by canals and connected by bridges. It is famous for its beauty of its setting, architecture, artworks, and atmosphere. It is a very beautiful city worth a visit.

BUT do you know that Indonesia’s other nickname is Venice? Usually, Jakarta changes its name to Venice once or twice a year.

Indonesia has only two seasons, dry and rainy. Rainy seasons used to come in months that ends with –ber like September, October, November, and December, then added with 2 months which are January and February. But due to the global warming, the weather is now pretty confusing. It can be raining so hard in the dry season, and can be very hot and humid during rainy season.

Furthermore, do you know that there is a job in Indonesia that only appears when Jakarta is flooded? They are the Indonesian version of the Italian gondoliers.
The Indonesian people are good in seeing business opportunities. They are helping people in need of passing through the flooded area, and of course, charging money for it.

Most people living in suburban area do not really care with their health. They will play with the water, let their kids play, eating and chatting as if they are in a swimming pool. If you think that is safe, please think again. It’s not safe at all. You can get diarrhea if you play around with the flood water.
You also need to be extra careful because an unexpected animal might be lurking from the water.

Crazy, isn’t it?

(See this video to see the flood in Jakarta)

Flood has become really familiar with the Indonesian people. Every year, especially when entering the rainy season, Jakarta is always greeted with a flood.
The government seems to overlook this, thinking that this is a natural disaster. Well it is, but human causes it.
But well, this is Indonesia, a place full of uniqueness.

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Why drive when you can hire a driver?

Driving your own car, especially luxurious car, feels very good. But what happens if you are stuck in a traffic jam? Your luxury car is just a car which suffers the same tragic fate in a traffic jam.

In Indonesia, especially big cities like Jakarta, a traffic jam is just waiting at the corner to happen. The traffic jam could get you stuck for more than 2-3 hours or even more.
This makes you vulnerable to many diseases because you are sitting and driving too long. Some of the diseases are stress, stiff body, headache, stomachache, kidney disease, lung disease, skin cancer, and many other diseases. Think also about the time lost on the street from your home to your office and vice versa. All the lost time can be equal to the money lost because as the saying goes “Time is Money”. Even if you do have so much money to spare, would you really spend it for the expensive hospital bill and medication price?

The far cheaper method to solve this is to hire a driver. They can be hired for 1 to 24 hours or any time period. The price range varies from IDR 500.000 ($ US 50) to around IDR 2.000.000 ($ US 200) per 24 hours. The other reason is because the road system in Indonesia is different compared to other countries. The steer is on the right side and you should drive on the left side. This can be pretty confusing for tourists or expatriates. So, hire a driver, sit back like a boss, relax and do your business activities.
For the car price, you can always see this website. It is a very wise decision to not choose a sedan type, though.
Why? There are many reasons. See these pictures below first.

Do you know that in other country, they use hole stickers to slow down speeding cars? Well, in Indonesia, we don’t use stickers, but we use the 3D effects. Yes, there are so many holes on the streets in Indonesia.
Then, there are many bumps spread out throughout Indonesia. These bumps are also for slowing down the speeding cars, which is usually placed near an intersection. The holes and the bumps will cause the front and the back bumper, which are too low, hitting the street or the ground, causing scratches here and there.
After that, we have flood issue. Sedan is too low so you can get stuck easily in the flood, while Avanza can pass through the flood because it is higher than the sedan type.

These three unique and troublesome features of Indonesia are the reasons you should not buy a sedan type car.
Buy a taller car like Avanza instead. It is big enough to fit for a family, it is not too expensive, and most importantly, it will not hit the ground or the street.
The price for Avanza varies from IDR 155.000.000 ($ US 15.500) to IDR 193.000.000 ($ US 19.300).

(See this interesting video below about a car getting stuck over a bump)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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