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Ciiit! The DKI transportation agencies block the running car in the tire valve raid

The running car

The running car

Jakarta – The tire valve raid for vehicles which are parked randomly continues. This time the DKI transportation agencies are not turning on the siren, they just get to the cars and take the tire valve directly. There is a surprised driver and run away that needs to be blocked. It was full of tension!

The monitoring by detikcom, the DKI transportation agencies of east Jakarta that were consisted of 2 cars and 10 personnel raided the random parking started from the Pemuda street on Friday (27/9/2013) at 14.15 (GMT + 7)

Yesterday, the DKI transportation agencies did the convoy by turning on the siren, but this time the car is going quietly and fast. Before they know it, the officers come down and getting to the cars, then directly taking out one tire valve.

There was a driver inside some of the cars which were parked randomly. There was a surprised driver and directly ask for forgiveness to the officer.

The officer was unmoved and kept taking the tire valve, then attach a clue sticker of where to take the tire valve back.

There was a car that runs away after the tire valve is taken out, and the car was moving with a tire that deflated slowly.

The tense one, there was a car on which tire valve is not taken out yet, but the car was already running away. One of the operational cars blocked it. Ciiit! The car was blocked, and the tire valve was taken out.

It continued until 14.55 (GMT + 7)

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Flat tire? No worries

In most countries, when your car or motorcycle or bicycle has a flat tire, where do you go? To the nearest workshop available in your area? But how close is it?
How much money do you spend? Probably some Dollars, and that is not cheap, isn’t it?

BUT in Indonesia, if you have a flat tire, no worries. All you need to do is look around your area and find these people.

Say hello to tire repairman, or what Indonesian called ‘tukang tambal ban’. They are always ready to help you.

They are literally everywhere so it’s not hard to find them. Really, the amount of these people is the same with the amount of McD or KFC in American countries.
Their skills are as good as those working in a big workshop. They can pump up your tire or patch your flat tire in a matter of minutes. Their fast services can be compared to the racing team.

If that is still not good enough, their services are so cheap. You only need to pay for 1 or 2 US Dollar (IDR 10.000 – 20.000) for 1 flat tire. What a bargain, isn’t it?
You can also ask to check all of your tires for wind pressure, and all you need to do is pay them 0,2 or 0,5 US Dollar (IDR 2.000 – 5.000).

(See this video to see the process of patching a motorcycle tire)

(See this video below about one of the tire repairmen in Indonesia who has 20 years experience)

(See this video too about the youngest tire repairman ever)

Unique, isn’t it? This is Indonesia.

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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