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Shoot the police to get your driving license!

It is a definite for all countries to make their citizens pass a driving test when they want to get a driving license.
For most people, especially men, driving a car or motorcycle is relatively easy. By practicing alone or taught by our parents, we can drive well suddenly.

But for some people especially women, driving can be pretty hard and intimidating, both for the driver and for other people on the street.
FORTUNATELY, people who can’t drive will not pass the driving test.
Why I said ‘fortunately’? Because if people who can’t drive well are given driving licenses, imagine the serious accidents that could happen anytime on the street.

UNFORTUNATELY, the Indonesian people are different. No matter how bad you are at driving, or even if you can’t drive at all, you can still have a driving license.
You can do this simply by shooting the police. Not with a gun, of course, but with money. Yes, I am talking about bribery.

For the usual and normal way, you have to prepare some money and documents such as ID card, a letter that states you are a good citizen, a letter that states you are behaving well, and of course, good eyesight.

Then, you will have to pass the theory test and the practical test.
Sounds easy? No, it’s not. Sometimes, the institution does not want you to pass the driving test which will result in you paying again and again to sign up for the test.
That’s not even the worst. Even when you are already bribing them, they can still get you failed with any kinds of reasons and ask for more money to solve the problem.

Bribery is the only way to get around this. You can easily avoid this without a hassle by bribing the institution.
The price range varies from the cheapest IDR 100.000 ( US $10 ) to IDR 1.000.000 ( US $100 ). Usually, the driving license for motorcycles is cheaper than for the car.
For those who are under or over the legal age for driving, they must pay higher. The legal age for having a driving license in Indonesia is 17 years old.
There is no exact rule of the maximum age for driving legally, but I mention this because even a 70-year old man can still pass the driving test.
So, don’t be surprised to know that most of the public transportation drivers like Bajaj, Ojek, and mini bus do not get their driver license legally.

Bribery is a pretty nasty thing, isn’t it?
No wonder that the car and motorcycle accident rate is high in Indonesia.
No wonder also that some of the drivers are practically under 17 years old or even as young as 9 years old.

(See this video below about a kid riding a motorcycle)

(See this video too to see a bad parenting goes fast and furious)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Parking in Indonesia? Anyone can do it

Parking has always been an issue in all countries. Well, perhaps not Venice unless you consider parking a gondola or boat is parking at all.
One of the issues is the amount of parking space available which is never enough. The other issue is from the drivers themselves.
Sometimes, most of them are not too good at parking at all, especially when they have to do parallel parking.
Then, the only thing left to do is to buy a parking sensor. But it is expensive, isn’t it?

It is no different from Indonesia, and it is even worse because not all drivers pass the driving test officially or ‘honestly’. I will tell more about this in the upcoming posts later.

BUT in Indonesia, no matter how bad the driver is, they can always park easily.
How do they do that? Well, they don’t. They are helped by a ‘parker’ or ‘parking clerk’.

Basically, they are just ordinary people with no special driving skill. I am even sure that most of them cannot drive at all.
However, they do understand how to help you parking your car or motorcycle by giving you guidance or direction of where to move your car, such as to the left or to the right.
They are easily recognized by their bright orange-colored clothes and their whistles, but some of them only wear normal clothes and bring no whistle.

When you want to leave and you don’t see any parker or parking clerk around, don’t worry.
Just start your car and move your car out a little, then in a matter of seconds, a parker or parking clerk will come and guide you.
Then, you only have to pay IDR 1.000 or 2.000 (0,1 or 0,2 US Dollar)
That’s the uniqueness of Indonesia. Convenient, isn’t it?

One thing you have to remember about parking in Indonesia is that you can not ask your friend or acquaintance to book a parking space for you.
For example, you have a friend who arrives earlier than you at a Mall or restaurant, then you ask your friend to keep the parking space for you.
You can’t do that because your friend will get beaten up by other angry driver who could have the parking space.

So, whether you want to park on the street or at a restaurant or cafe, don’t worry and just relax.

(See this video below to see the parker’s or parking clerk’s daily life)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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