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What is that loud praying voice?

For those of you who live outside of Indonesia, especially in America or Europe, you will not know and realize how quiet your place is.

Sure, big city is not quiet. It is polluted with the horns and engines of the cars.
But for those who live in a small city like in the outskirt, you won’t hear cars honking or the engines often.
Just imagine hearing the serenity of the spring, wind chime and crickets in the summer, warm breeze in the autumn, and blissful calm in the winter.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as quiet and calm anywhere in Indonesia.
Because, for around 5 TIMES A DAY, you will hear the loud praying voice coming from the loudspeaker of the mosques.

(this video shows what you will hear 5 times a day)

This is Indonesia. So, don’t get angry because you can’t sleep or that it is too loud. Tolerance is important, and maybe a headset too.

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House beside a river in Indonesia? So cheap

In most countries, houses beside a river are very very expensive.  Well, no wonder about it, because the river is so clear and pristine, and the houses are so charming. Only rich people can buy one of these houses.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the houses beside a river are very very very cheap. Don’t be surprised, see the photo gallery below to know why they are so cheap.

The river is so dirty, the houses are made of iron sheeting and looks like they are going to break down anytime soon if the wind is strong or an earthquake happens. Surely you are not confused anymore now after seeing how Indonesia’s houses beside river look like.

So, investors of houses, apartments, and real estates, be careful not to get tricked into investing in riverside houses in Indonesia.

(See this video of the people’s daily life who live in the riverside houses)

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Smoking in Indonesia

Everywhere in the world, smoking has become a daily habits. You can meet smokers in every continents, countries, cities, villages, or maybe your own house.
Cigarettes can be bought for 1 to 2 American Dollars and it is sold everywhere in small stores on the the street or from hawkers.

In Indonesia, cigarettes are very popular too, especially the clove cigarettes which are made of tobacco and clove.
There is no warning for the danger of smoking with a big size of words on the cigarette pack, only a small size of words that tells the danger of smoking.
The cigarette sellers also do not ask how old you are, even a small kid of 5 years old is allowed to buy cigarettes from the cigarette stores on the street.

Smoking in Indonesia is very common, not only in open-air places but also in a room with AC (Air Conditioner). You can find malls and shopping centers in Indonesia that allow visitors to smoke INSIDE. You can also find many restaurants and cafes that allow visitors to smoke, and for cafes and restaurants with AC, the only thing separating the smoker and non-smoker seats is just a thin wall and an exhaust fan, so that the non-smokers won’t get the smoke pollution from the smokers

It is a common thing to see a mother holding her baby in a restaurant and the father is drinking coffee and smoking without guilt at all beside his wife. This is Indonesia.

(Here’s a video of how popular cigarette is in Indonesia)

Seeing how big the cigarette consumption in Indonesia, surely you can see the business opportunity in health services, and health equipment, right?

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Yellow flag in Jakarta, powerful and unstoppable

For Chinese people, death is symbolized by white colour. From the costumes, candles, lanterns, table cloth to the mourning clothes, everything is dominated by white.

While for most societies in the world, death is symbolized by black. This was started when the Queen of England wears black clothes to mourn her husband’s death, and since then, it has always been part of the tradition that black symbolizes sadness.

BUT in Jakarta, YELLOW symbolizes death. Even though other cities in Indonesia such as Makassar, Papua, or Kalimantan still use white colour no matter whether they are from Moslem or Christian. It turns out that it was started in the Colonialism Era by Netherland in Indonesia. There were many yellow flags with a letter “Q” (Quarantine) which was used as signs for a deadly disease that could cause thousands of deaths.

When you see a convoy of many motorcycles bringing yellow flags and there is an ambulance or hearse behind the convoy, or a convoy of people bringing the coffin, then you have to give in and stop your car or motor even though you can continue driving.  Furthermore, even traffic cops will stay silent and let the convoy with the yellow flag keep going no matter whether the traffic light is red or green. They will not get tickets for speeding or breaking other traffic rules because of the yellow flag.

So don’t get angry and emotional, you must understand that this is a usual habit in Jakarta.

(See this video to see how powerful they are)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Vending machine in Indonesia? Bad Idea!

Vending machine is very popular in Japan, America, and Europe. You can buy drinks, foods, daily needs, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, soft drinks, hot drinks, ice cream, you name it. Everything can be sold in a vending machine these days.

BUT in Indonesia, vending machine is useless. Indonesian people will not buy from vending machine.

If you sell those things above, you will need to pay attention to the canvassing strategy which expands your products distribution to grocery stores spread out in almost every sides of the streets in Indonesia.

This is why vending machine is useless in Indonesia. One grocery store is guarded 24/7, and it is enough to fulfill more than half of your daily needs. (mostly the grocery store is open 24/7 because the owner lives and sleeps there). This is like the traditional version of  7 Eleven spread out all over Indonesia.

(See this video of a grocery store, it has almost everything you need)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Bajaj, popular and polluting

Bajaj is one of many transportation vehicles in Jakarta. It is very popular even though it causes so much pollution.

One thing you need to know is that ALL Bajaj in Jakarta do not have a turn signal, thus if Bajaj wants to turn left or right, the driver turns directly without giving the turn signal. So you should be careful when you are driving right behind a Bajaj, get ready to be shocked and angry with the Bajaj’s sudden turn.

(Look at this video showing Bajaj turning without signals)

(this is what it feels like to ride in a Bajaj)

(and this is how it feels like to ride on a Bajaj in Jakarta roads)

Well, talking about creativity, Indonesian people are actually very creative, and you can see it from this animation video below about Bajaj transforming into a robot


(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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