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Riding a bus in Indonesia endangers your life more than a roller coaster

As we know, bus only stops at bus stops and the bus arrives in specific time according to the schedule. Japanese people are known for their integrity and punctuality. If the famous bullet train or the bus is late for even 1 minute, the authority must apologize to all the commuters.

However, here in Indonesia, buses are violating every rule that has been made for them.
For example, the stopping-everywhere system enabling you to get into the bus easily at anywhere you want. That will disturb other vehicles because sudden stopping everywhere can cause a traffic jam or even accident. Another consequence of this system is the buses’ arrival is not certain. Sometimes the arrival time between buses is short, but sometimes you have to wait for the longest time for them to arrive.

The other downside of the buses in Indonesia is the driver of the bus. The driver often speeding, smoking, eating, and drinking while driving, and even stopping just to have some chats with another bus driver in the middle of the street that makes the traffic stuck instantly. Another risk of rule violations is, of course, accidents with pedestrians, cars, or motorcycles.

Most buses operating now are old buses. They are used every day from day to night with minimum maintenance. Therefore, broken chairs and doors are not a rare sight anymore for Indonesian busses. The doors are opened to make the passengers get in and out quickly, and for the co-driver to see if there is any person who wants to get on the bus or not. These opened doors allow the bus to have more passengers too, so it is a normal sight when you see an overcrowded bus with people hanging on the edge of the doors in Indonesia.
Furthermore, the buses’ engine often breakdowns in the middle of transporting the passengers, they need to be moved to other buses then.

Other than being neglected, passengers have no time to sit first. The bus will always go after the passenger’s foot is on the step, even though their body is not fully inside the bus. Moreover, there is no way for handicapped people to get on the bus, as there are no facility for them at all. You may see a space for handicapped people inside Transjakarta buses or busway, but there is no access for them to reach the bus stop.

There are also many other threats inside the bus besides the bus and the drivers’ factors. There are criminals inside the bus. Don’t ever trust people you just met easily. They can hypnotize you and take your valuables without you being conscious of it. There are pickpockets too, they usually work in a group or alone and using distraction tactics to steal your wallet or phone. For women, it is a must not to wear anything that shows too much of your body as the sexual harassers are everywhere. The most extreme criminal is the gangsters. They bring sharp weapon and threat every passenger on the bus to give their valuables to them.

Nevertheless how bad it is, many Indonesian people still use this public transportation, either they like it or they have to because they don’t have motorcycles or cars.
Or is it because the new ‘kopaja’ is around? It has a new look, installed with wifi services.

(See this video below to see the new ‘kopaja’)

But still, for international tourists, you really have to think several times before you decide to ride a bus in Indonesia.

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Get on from the left, Get off anywhere

Don’t bother looking for the meaning or the source of the quote or slogan in the title, because it’s not.

In most countries all over the globe, the transportation rules are always the same.
You get on the public transportation like bus or taxi from the left side of the street, then you get off on the left side too.

BUT in Indonesia, as you probably have guessed from the title of this post, you can get off literally anywhere you want.
On the left side of the street as usual, in the middle of the street, and even on the right side of the street.
All you have to do is say “Stop” or knock the ceiling twice or thrice as a signal to the driver. Then, the driver will quickly pull over and stop.

Isn’t it dangerous?

Well, there is always a traffic jam in Jakarta no matter it is a busy hour or not, so it may be not too dangerous to get off in the middle or the right side of the street.

One thing you have to remember, though, is that when you are getting off, you should use your left leg first.
Why? Because the vehicle is not stopped at all but still going slowly. While it’s true that it increases efficiency, it also increases the danger.

(See this video below about the bus with crazy and reckless drivers)

(See this one too. I know, they are crazy, aren’t they?)

Well, at least they are fast, cheap, and good for your adrenaline.

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Busway in Indonesia, not bus only?

There is this special lane for buses in some countries around the world. Busway first appears as a solution for the traffic jams happening anywhere around the world.

It is so classy and elegant, right? It looks like it will totally help resolve the traffic problem in those countries.
However, if compared to Indonesia’s busway, the traffic problem is not solved. In fact, it gets worse.

(This is how Busway should look like, which is no other vehicles except buses. You are very lucky if you see these pictures directly)

Unfortunately, 99% of the time, you won’t see that. You will see like these pictures below.

The busway is not used by bus only, but also private cars, motors, and even bajajs. The bus station is so crowded and badly managed.

(See more in this video about how bad the busway in Indonesia is)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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