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‘As long as it is enough’, not an Indonesian style

In Japan or other developing countries in the Europe (if compared to another part of Europe), the concept of living ‘as long as it is enough’ or ‘as long as they have what they want thus they do not need more’ are really the style of living for those people. People in Japan, for instance, some of whom are really prosperous in financial and yet they still choose to live in average.

A private transportation surely is better, but almost all Japanese people still choose train

A private transportation surely is better, but almost all Japanese people still choose the train

In Indonesia, the concept of living ‘as long as it is enough’ is also followed by those living far from the cities. But to those living in the cities or near the cities, there is no such word as ‘enough’. It is never enough.

They will always want more and more. More money, more luxury, more cars, more houses, more practical things, and more wives. Wait, exclude the last one unless the person is going for polygamy, which is of course, banned in Indonesia.

The richest in Indonesia

The richest in Indonesia

See another example in the Indonesian news that made it internationally these last two days. The workers in Indonesia commenced a two-day strike across all Indonesia. What they want is simple. They want a raise. In Jakarta, the demand for raising their salaries to IDR 3.700.000 (around $ US 350) was not fulfilled, but they should have been happy with it  because the Jakarta’s government has decided to raise the minimum wage to IDR 2.441.301 ( $ US 214 at the day’s rate). They are not satisfied at all, so they ask for more and more.

(See this video below about the strike or demonstration)

But then, will one ever stop and finally say “This is enough”?

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Keep your sympathy in your wallet

You are probably wondering how to keep sympathy, an abstract form, in a wallet.
Well, what I am talking about is not the abstract form, but the materialized form of sympathy, which is money.

It is the same anywhere in the world, including Indonesia. Wherever you go, you will see a beggar. They are so badly and pathetically dressed that they attract your sympathy, which ultimately leading you to giving them money.

Well, unless you feel really moved or touched, you shouldn’t do it anymore. Because in fact, you are not helping them at all.
Whenever you see a beggar, any type of beggar, you must not fall for their trap.
They are all trained to be a beggar who can really attract your sympathy, move your heart, and make you move your money from your wallet to theirs.
If they say that they haven’t been eating for 1 day or two days, or that they need money to buy milk for their child, they are all nothing but a blatant lie.
They only say that to attract your sympathy or even empathy.

Behind them, there is a big organized organization that is running the scam. They send all the beggars to look for money while they are sitting on a comfy chair counting their money.
The beggars, along with the children, are given something to eat daily before they are sent out to scam people.
The money they get will be given to their boss, and the amount might determine the food they get for the day or for the day after.

What is worse and disheartening is that the children they bring turned out to be under the effect of drugs, such as heroine in a small amount.
That’s why most of the time the children are sleeping. Well, either they are sleeping or getting ‘high’ and passed out.

What a crazy life, isn’t it? I am sure you won’t look at those beggars the same way anymore.
But it is never a bad thing to put aside a few coins for them. Besides, you are blessed by them when you give money to them.

(See this video below to see them)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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