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Tissue VS Water, a serious clash of civilizations

Most countries will have a nice set of toilet paper or tissue for the needs of  hygiene after doing the ‘business’.

But do you know that when you come to Indonesia, 99,99% of all places does not provide a tissue or toilet paper in the bathroom or toilet?
Indonesian people grow up with using water, bailer, and water container in their toilet or bathroom. It is weird for Indonesian people to clean themselves using toilet paper or tissue.
So, when you come to public places or houses in Indonesia, remember this article and forget the teaching from your country that you have to use toilet paper.

Another thing to know is that you have to use your left hand to clean the ‘spot’, and right hand to hold the water bailer. It is a very disgusting thing to clean the ‘spot’ using your right hand because the right hand is supposed to be used for eating and other things, right? I know it’s really disgusting to clean yourself without tissue or toilet paper, but don’t worry because you can always clean your hands with the soap later on. Or maybe you can use your own tissue because not all hotels in Indonesia have toilet paper or tissue.

One last thing to know is that you have to bear with the cleanliness of the toilets in Indonesia. Around more than 80% of Indonesian people have no access to clean toilets or bathrooms. Even some malls do not have decent toilets with toilet papers. There are two types of toilets, which are sitting and squatting. Yes, you should squat, not half-standing.

(See this video about the dirty river, even the word ‘dirty’ is overrated. Sadly, this river is used for everything concerning hygiene by the people living above it)

This serious clash of civilizations really marks the difference between Indonesia and the other countries, but hopefully this does not discourage you to come to Indonesia and enjoy the uniqueness of it. After all, visiting other countries and learning their culture is fun, right?

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

House beside a river in Indonesia? So cheap

In most countries, houses beside a river are very very expensive.  Well, no wonder about it, because the river is so clear and pristine, and the houses are so charming. Only rich people can buy one of these houses.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the houses beside a river are very very very cheap. Don’t be surprised, see the photo gallery below to know why they are so cheap.

The river is so dirty, the houses are made of iron sheeting and looks like they are going to break down anytime soon if the wind is strong or an earthquake happens. Surely you are not confused anymore now after seeing how Indonesia’s houses beside river look like.

So, investors of houses, apartments, and real estates, be careful not to get tricked into investing in riverside houses in Indonesia.

(See this video of the people’s daily life who live in the riverside houses)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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