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Metric system in Indonesia

In most countries all over the world, the people use the same metric system.
For example, when you want to buy a gallon of water, you buy it by saying the liter.
Or, when you are measuring something, you use inch rather than centimeter.
Or maybe, when you are on the road, you see miles rather than kilometers.

BUT, do you know that Indonesian people useĀ a different metric system?
When they are measuring something, they use centimeters rather than inches, so most of Indonesian people are confused when they buy a TV because TV use inches.
Indonesian people don’t drink tap water (You can see why in this post). So, they drink from a gallon of water. They don’t say they want to buy 10 liters of water, they just say a gallon or 2 gallons of water instead.
When a mother goes to the market and want to buy groceries, she doesn’t use pounds or ounces, but grams and kilograms.
When you ask for direction to somewhere, they don’t answer with feet but with meters. Moreover, many Indonesian people seem to not really understand how to use this metric system.
Most of them always mistake 1 ounce for 1 kilograms, which actually 1 ounce is 0,1 kilograms.

So, be careful with this metric system when you are doing business with the Indonesian people.

(See this video about buying groceries at the market)

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Drinking tap water in Indonesia? Don’t even think about it

I am sure most of you drink tap water in your home to fulfill your thirst everyday. The water is pristine, clear, and refreshing, right?
It is also cheaper than buying bottled water or gallons in long term.

BUT in Indonesia, if you don’t want to get stomachache, diarrhea, hard time in the toilet, and other nasty diseases, don’t even try drinking tap water.
Why? because almost all Indonesian houses use ground water for their tap water, and it is not the clean ground water from the mountain or fountain.

That’s why bottled water in Indonesia is very popular and gives much profit. The water filters technology is growing too, slowly but sure.
So, investing on water companies and water filter companies are good choices.

(See this video about the danger of dirty water)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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