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Dishwasher without electricity? What for?

In the United States or other countries, dishwasher is considered to be the most useful thing. People eat two to three times per day, and of course, they eat by using plates, spoons, and forks.
That also means they need extra energy to wash their dishes later on after eating, but that hassle could be good as gone if they have a dishwasher.

But do you know that in Indonesia, a dishwasher does not have any value at all? This is because not all people in Indonesia can afford to have a dishwasher in their kitchen.
In fact, not all family or houses has a kitchen. Even if they have a decent kitchen, it is not worth the electricity to run it as it will cause a blackout because the electric current is not enough.

All places in Indonesia must suffer from a blackout every now and then, and it is far worse in the remote areas. While Jakarta can have blackout once per month, remote areas can have blackout twice or thrice per week.
Since Java island is the centralized and concentrated one, it does not have as many blackouts as in other places in Indonesia. On Sumatra island, the blackout can occur once a week and for a long time like 1 to 8 hours. Think about the money and time lost just for one blackout.

However, the Indonesian people are quick in recognizing business opportunities. Besides candle, a genset is what everybody needs. Every big factory and office building or malls usually have this genset as their backup source of electricity in case of blackout. This is why the genset market in Indonesia is very wide.

Unfortunately, knowing the importance of genset does not mean that everybody in Indonesia has one. Like in the video below, a football stadium does not have a genset and thus have nothing to do when the blackout happens.

But then again, that can also mean that there will still be potential buyers, right?

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Jokowi will apply study curfew


TEMPO.COJakarta – The governor of DKI, Joko Widodo, will apply hours special for studying for the students. The goal is to minimize the negative acts that can potentially be done by the students, like skipping class and ends with brawl.

“But this is not a night curfew, it’s different.” said Jokowi, his close nickname after attending the religious interpretations chamber meeting in the Istora Senayan with the Vice president Boediono, Ahad, September 15 2013. The point of this program, Jokowi continued, is how the students can be disciplined.

For instance, as he gives an example, when it’s class time, a student is forbidden to be outside without a good reason. “It does feel ordinary like the one which has been applied now,” he said. It’s just, Jokowi affirms, that this study curfew will monitor the students outside.

The existing rule is still considered loose. Students can still wander outside at the class time. They are just caught if they do make mischiefs or there was a raid.

But, Jokowi does not want to be in haste to validate the study curfew program.
He said , his party must ask first the opinions from all parties. “(We) need to talk with the Education Office, also the school committee and the parents”, he said.

According to this Gadjah Mada University of Forestry faculty graduate, students must be trained to struggle. He asks that parents should not spoil their children.

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