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Why do chores when you can hire a housemaid?

The butler and maid system in England was a very magnificent yet luxurious system. Having everything taken care of without breaking a sweat at all feels so great, but of course, they are only for rich people as the cost for having a butler or a maid is very expensive.

BUT in Indonesia, you can have a housemaid with a far cheaper cost. They are called pembantu in Indonesia, and usually people hire the female ones. Their salary varies from IDR 1.000.000 ($ US 100) to IDR 2.000.000 ($ US 200).
They can do the same magic with the butler and maid in England.
When you get home, you don’t need to put your shoes neatly or in a shoe box. The maid will do it for you.
Then, you are getting in, realizing that the floor is clean because it has been swept and mopped by the maid.
Remove your socks, clothes, and pants on the floor or on the sofa. Leave them there and the maid will wash and iron them for you. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, they will be ready again for you to use them.
If you have a bathtub, ask your maid to prepare the water. If you want to eat, the maid can cook for you. This is why people hire the female ones.
If you want coffee, just ask for coffee and it will be served for you. After you finish drinking the coffee, just leave the mug or cup there or put it in the kitchen and your maid will clean it for you.
If you have a garden, they can tend the garden and water it everyday.
If you have children, they can babysit for you.

A unique thing to know is that you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a washing machine in your house, because your maid can be a washing machine.
The maid can wash all kinds of clothings with the washing board. All she needs is energy because it is powered by a human, and a washing board with soaps.

Washing board

Washing board

So, why do chores when you can hire a housemaid?

(See this video below to see a maid washing and cleaning)

Don’t worry, at least your maid won’t use the dirty water from the river to clean the dishes and the clothes.

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Pedestrians come in many forms, including motor

Pedestrian has always meant a person walking along the sides of the street, and the sides of the street has always been made for the pedestrian. Every country in the world can receive this logical reasoning.

BUT Indonesian people seem to have failed receiving this simple logical reasoning. When you come to Indonesia, don’t be surprised to see that the pedestrian street is not used by pedestrian only. Cadger or Pedagang kaki lima (5-legged seller, they are called that way because the seller has 2 legs and the cart has 3 legs), parking space for cars or motors, small stall, and even motor way. You need to have 4 eyes if you want to walk on the pedestrian street, 2 in the front, and 2 in the back.

(See these pictures below because seeing is believing)

Traffic jam is one of the biggest unsolved problems in Indonesia. Experts and analysts have always argued that one of the causes is that people do not want to use the public transportation.

Yes, you guessed it. How does the government expect the people to use badly-managed public transportation when the pedestrian street is badly-managed itself? People who ride public transportation always use pedestrian street before getting in and after getting of the public transportation, right? Well, welcome to Indonesia, where uniqueness are overrated.

(See how bad it is in this video)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Smoking in Indonesia

Everywhere in the world, smoking has become a daily habits. You can meet smokers in every continents, countries, cities, villages, or maybe your own house.
Cigarettes can be bought for 1 to 2 American Dollars and it is sold everywhere in small stores on the the street or from hawkers.

In Indonesia, cigarettes are very popular too, especially the clove cigarettes which are made of tobacco and clove.
There is no warning for the danger of smoking with a big size of words on the cigarette pack, only a small size of words that tells the danger of smoking.
The cigarette sellers also do not ask how old you are, even a small kid of 5 years old is allowed to buy cigarettes from the cigarette stores on the street.

Smoking in Indonesia is very common, not only in open-air places but also in a room with AC (Air Conditioner). You can find malls and shopping centers in Indonesia that allow visitors to smoke INSIDE. You can also find many restaurants and cafes that allow visitors to smoke, and for cafes and restaurants with AC, the only thing separating the smoker and non-smoker seats is just a thin wall and an exhaust fan, so that the non-smokers won’t get the smoke pollution from the smokers

It is a common thing to see a mother holding her baby in a restaurant and the father is drinking coffee and smoking without guilt at all beside his wife. This is Indonesia.

(Here’s a video of how popular cigarette is in Indonesia)

Seeing how big the cigarette consumption in Indonesia, surely you can see the business opportunity in health services, and health equipment, right?

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Vending machine in Indonesia? Bad Idea!

Vending machine is very popular in Japan, America, and Europe. You can buy drinks, foods, daily needs, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, soft drinks, hot drinks, ice cream, you name it. Everything can be sold in a vending machine these days.

BUT in Indonesia, vending machine is useless. Indonesian people will not buy from vending machine.

If you sell those things above, you will need to pay attention to the canvassing strategy which expands your products distribution to grocery stores spread out in almost every sides of the streets in Indonesia.

This is why vending machine is useless in Indonesia. One grocery store is guarded 24/7, and it is enough to fulfill more than half of your daily needs. (mostly the grocery store is open 24/7 because the owner lives and sleeps there). This is like the traditional version of  7 Eleven spread out all over Indonesia.

(See this video of a grocery store, it has almost everything you need)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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