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Pedestrians come in many forms, including motor

Pedestrian has always meant a person walking along the sides of the street, and the sides of the street has always been made for the pedestrian. Every country in the world can receive this logical reasoning.

BUT Indonesian people seem to have failed receiving this simple logical reasoning. When you come to Indonesia, don’t be surprised to see that the pedestrian street is not used by pedestrian only. Cadger or Pedagang kaki lima (5-legged seller, they are called that way because the seller has 2 legs and the cart has 3 legs), parking space for cars or motors, small stall, and even motor way. You need to have 4 eyes if you want to walk on the pedestrian street, 2 in the front, and 2 in the back.

(See these pictures below because seeing is believing)

Traffic jam is one of the biggest unsolved problems in Indonesia. Experts and analysts have always argued that one of the causes is that people do not want to use the public transportation.

Yes, you guessed it. How does the government expect the people to use badly-managed public transportation when the pedestrian street is badly-managed itself? People who ride public transportation always use pedestrian street before getting in and after getting of the public transportation, right? Well, welcome to Indonesia, where uniqueness are overrated.

(See how bad it is in this video)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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