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House beside a river in Indonesia? So cheap

In most countries, houses beside a river are very very expensive.  Well, no wonder about it, because the river is so clear and pristine, and the houses are so charming. Only rich people can buy one of these houses.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the houses beside a river are very very very cheap. Don’t be surprised, see the photo gallery below to know why they are so cheap.

The river is so dirty, the houses are made of iron sheeting and looks like they are going to break down anytime soon if the wind is strong or an earthquake happens. Surely you are not confused anymore now after seeing how Indonesia’s houses beside river look like.

So, investors of houses, apartments, and real estates, be careful not to get tricked into investing in riverside houses in Indonesia.

(See this video of the people’s daily life who live in the riverside houses)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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