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Street at day, restaurant at night

All streets in all countries are only streets all day long.  There is nothing except city decorations, pedestrians, beggars, and hawkers or sellers.

But do you know that in Indonesia, a normal street at day can be changed to an open-air streetside restaurant at night?
Malioboro street in Yogyakarta is one of those unique streets. The street is the center of Yogyakarta’s largest tourist district which is surrounded by many restaurants and hotels nearby.

If you are a souvenir lover, this street is your heaven. The street is crowded with small stalls selling variety of local goods like batik, silvers, leather puppets, rattan ornaments, bamboo handicrafts, blangkon, miniature of traditional vehicles, key chains, and other accessories. If you are good at bargaining, you can buy these items for a very cheap price. Try to bargain for a 50 % cut.

At night, it is another heaven for culinary lovers. A very unique culture of eating in the streetside restaurants is ‘lesehan’ or sitting on the ground.
When night comes, most of the streets will be closed by several mats, tables, and food stalls. The hygiene is not too good because it’s on the streetside, but the unique experience of eating in ‘lesehan‘ style and enjoying the street band can only be felt in Indonesia.

(See this video about the Malioboro street at day)

(And this video about Malioboro street at night, and ‘lesehan’ style)

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Black plastic bags, dangerous but popular

There are many ways to bring stuff. One of them is by using plastic bags. Everybody uses it. It’s free because if you are shopping for groceries or other stuffs, you will always get plastic bags to bring them.

Of course, there is no difference in Indonesia. We use plastic bags too here. (See this post to know more about it)
But do you know that there is a black plastic bag? It is just an ordinary plastic bag but it is entirely more dangerous than the ordinary ones.

Why is it dangerous?
First, it is a recycled product. You won’t know what it was recycled from. Factory waste or other dangerous chemical residue, perhaps?
Second, plastic bags used for trash like in the picture above might be recycled again to be used, or maybe just washed.
Third, the amount of people who know about this is too low.

Crazy, isn’t it? What’s crazier, though, is that the black plastic bags are often used for wrapping fries.
Usually, the fries are wrapped with paper to absorb the oily surface of the fries, but of course, that doesn’t make it any safer and healthier.

So, never ever use black plastic bags. Either use plastic bags with other colors, or don’t use it at all.

(See this video about the danger of plastic bags)

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Flip-flops, The most famous footwear in Indonesia

There are many kinds of footwears from all around the world. Some of them are very famous while the others are only sitting on the store shelves.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the most famous footwear is flip-flops. You can see almost everybody in Indonesia wear it.

They are simple, practical, light, and come in many colors. They are also sold almost everywhere all over Indonesia. Men and women can wear it. Men wear the blue, women wear the red.
Futhermore, they are so cheap.
But you have to be careful though because flip-flops are the most wanted items. Everyday, there are always irresponsible people who steal them.
Their target is usually at the mosque. Moslems usually come for their prayer in the mosque at night, and almost all of them wear flip-flops.

Flip-flops in front of the mosque

Flip-flops in front of the mosque

You don’t really have to worry though because they are very cheap, or maybe you can try these ones.

Flip-flop with safety lock

Flip-flop with safety lock

(See this video to see that flip-flops is popular, unfortunately negatively)

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Indonesia, still a plastic country?

“Los Angeles Prohibits The Use of Plastic Bags”
“Plastic Bags Are Officially Banned in Switzerland”
“Starting Jan 1, Italy Bans The Use of Plastic Bags”
“Most Korean Actors And Actresses Used To Have Plastic Surgery”

Wait, the last one is unrelated to this post.

I am sure some of you have heard these big news. Many countries all around the world have banned or prohibited the use of plastic bags. China, French, Rwanda, Uganda, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Australia, and some countries across India have done it very well. Supermarket like Wal-Mart are now prohibited too and has to charge the buyer for each plastic bag they use, only if.

The once very popular mean of carrying something is now banned. No wonder though because no matter how efficient it is, the plastic bag is actually used for only 25 minutes on average and needs around 100 years to degrade.

MEANWHILE in Indonesia, the daily weather forecast is “Cloudy with a chance of plastic bags”. You can bet the forecast is always right because they are everywhere, literally.

Furthermore, when shopping in a big supermarket like Carrefour or Hypermart, one full trolley translates to 10-15 plastic bags. Well, this is Indonesia. No matter how hard the government tells its people to stop using plastic bags, they are still the most convenient. The only solution is perhaps to find another convenient innovation, which is surely not the ‘Bring your own shopping bag’ thing.

(See this video about saying no to plastic bags)

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