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Padang rice is ‘recycled’ food ?

In American states, McDonald’s is everywhere. When you are walking or driving in your car, it’s not weird to see a McDonald’s every 5 minutes.
“Hey look, a McDonald!”, 5 minutes later, “Hey, another McDonald!”, 5 minutes after that, “Enough with the chicken, seriously.”
Well, it is everywhere, right? You can see in the picture below. The red dots are the Mcdonald’s.

McDonald's.. McDonald's everywhere...

Nevertheless, when you come to Indonesia, you can spare the disturbed thought because you won’t always see McDonald’s.
What you will always see, though, is Padang restaurant. They are everywhere all over Indonesia. They serve the famous rendang, a cow meat seasoned with spicy spices. They are also known for the unique server’s skill which is carrying many plates at once, and I am talking about 10 plates, not just 2 with 1 on each hand.

Savory, isn’t it? But you have to know this. Padang foods are actually ‘recycled’. Not the one that goes through recycling, though.

In the morning, they are all new and freshly-cooked in the kitchen. Then people come and eat, some eat until the plates clean, but some don’t.
Those unfinished foods are actually going back to the main display and will be eaten by the next person ordering it.
So, you might want to think twice or thrice before helping yourself to the Padang foods.

(See this video about Padang restaurant)

(See this video too about Padang restaurant and the skillful server)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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