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The bad economy is caused by national holidays?

On average, the national holidays of any country in the world are around 10-15 days per year. This creates a good place for competition in factory or other industries, because the less national holidays they have, the more productions can be made. Countries like China, has its workers work 48 hours per week, and the workers are paid based on how many pieces of clothing they make in a clothing factory. You can imagine the efficiency and the productivity, right?

National holidays

But do you know that in Indonesia, the national holidays are around 28-32 days per year. This is because Indonesia embraces its diversity in religions by celebrating each religion’s big day as national holidays. Not to mention, Indonesia has a strange day called ‘stuck’ day. It’s a normal working day but can be declared as a holiday because that day is in the middle of national holidays. So, for example, Sunday is a holiday and the Tuesday is one of the national holidays, then the Monday will be a holiday too.

Red date

One can safely think that Indonesian people are very laid-back. Not only the national holidays have given Indonesian people enough leisure, the factory workers only work for 40 hours per week and yet, they still complain about it. This, of course, affects Indonesian’s economy. How would Indonesia compete with other developing countries if the national holiday system itself is too laid back? But then again, thanks to that system, one can really have a laid-back life and truly enjoy the leisure of holidays.

(See this video below about the latest decision from the President of Indonesia regarding the worker day to be a national holiday)

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Flip-flops, The most famous footwear in Indonesia

There are many kinds of footwears from all around the world. Some of them are very famous while the others are only sitting on the store shelves.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the most famous footwear is flip-flops. You can see almost everybody in Indonesia wear it.

They are simple, practical, light, and come in many colors. They are also sold almost everywhere all over Indonesia. Men and women can wear it. Men wear the blue, women wear the red.
Futhermore, they are so cheap.
But you have to be careful though because flip-flops are the most wanted items. Everyday, there are always irresponsible people who steal them.
Their target is usually at the mosque. Moslems usually come for their prayer in the mosque at night, and almost all of them wear flip-flops.

Flip-flops in front of the mosque

Flip-flops in front of the mosque

You don’t really have to worry though because they are very cheap, or maybe you can try these ones.

Flip-flop with safety lock

Flip-flop with safety lock

(See this video to see that flip-flops is popular, unfortunately negatively)

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