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Just relax, the lifestyle in Indonesia

In Japan or New York, when people get tired from working, their friend or employer will say “Do your best” or “Good luck”. This shows that they are really hard workers, and thus brings great benefit to the economy of the country.

Office employees in Japan, working day and night

But in Indonesia, if you ever get tired from working or when you want to do something, you will not hear “Do your best” or “Good luck”.
You will hear “Just relax”. This is the reflection of lifestyle in Indonesia. The Indonesian people are pretty laid-back people. They do not work hard unless they are truly hard workers or that they get a big incentive. But then, even with a big incentive, they would still be lazy in working.

Playing chess while working

The solution for this, of course, is by assigning one supervisor that will supervise the workers and the employees. Of course, the supervisor must be someone who knows well the difference of working hard and relaxing. Because often, the supervisor is a laid-back person too and that affects all the employees supervised by him/her too.

Result when being supervised

(See this video about a factory where the workers work diligently although they are still having a chat while working)

It is not entirely allowed to have a chat while working because the concentration will be divided between the work and the chat. But still, human are social creatures, right?

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Dishwasher without electricity? What for?

In the United States or other countries, dishwasher is considered to be the most useful thing. People eat two to three times per day, and of course, they eat by using plates, spoons, and forks.
That also means they need extra energy to wash their dishes later on after eating, but that hassle could be good as gone if they have a dishwasher.

But do you know that in Indonesia, a dishwasher does not have any value at all? This is because not all people in Indonesia can afford to have a dishwasher in their kitchen.
In fact, not all family or houses has a kitchen. Even if they have a decent kitchen, it is not worth the electricity to run it as it will cause a blackout because the electric current is not enough.

All places in Indonesia must suffer from a blackout every now and then, and it is far worse in the remote areas. While Jakarta can have blackout once per month, remote areas can have blackout twice or thrice per week.
Since Java island is the centralized and concentrated one, it does not have as many blackouts as in other places in Indonesia. On Sumatra island, the blackout can occur once a week and for a long time like 1 to 8 hours. Think about the money and time lost just for one blackout.

However, the Indonesian people are quick in recognizing business opportunities. Besides candle, a genset is what everybody needs. Every big factory and office building or malls usually have this genset as their backup source of electricity in case of blackout. This is why the genset market in Indonesia is very wide.

Unfortunately, knowing the importance of genset does not mean that everybody in Indonesia has one. Like in the video below, a football stadium does not have a genset and thus have nothing to do when the blackout happens.

But then again, that can also mean that there will still be potential buyers, right?

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The bad economy is caused by national holidays?

On average, the national holidays of any country in the world are around 10-15 days per year. This creates a good place for competition in factory or other industries, because the less national holidays they have, the more productions can be made. Countries like China, has its workers work 48 hours per week, and the workers are paid based on how many pieces of clothing they make in a clothing factory. You can imagine the efficiency and the productivity, right?

National holidays

But do you know that in Indonesia, the national holidays are around 28-32 days per year. This is because Indonesia embraces its diversity in religions by celebrating each religion’s big day as national holidays. Not to mention, Indonesia has a strange day called ‘stuck’ day. It’s a normal working day but can be declared as a holiday because that day is in the middle of national holidays. So, for example, Sunday is a holiday and the Tuesday is one of the national holidays, then the Monday will be a holiday too.

Red date

One can safely think that Indonesian people are very laid-back. Not only the national holidays have given Indonesian people enough leisure, the factory workers only work for 40 hours per week and yet, they still complain about it. This, of course, affects Indonesian’s economy. How would Indonesia compete with other developing countries if the national holiday system itself is too laid back? But then again, thanks to that system, one can really have a laid-back life and truly enjoy the leisure of holidays.

(See this video below about the latest decision from the President of Indonesia regarding the worker day to be a national holiday)

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Black plastic bags, dangerous but popular

There are many ways to bring stuff. One of them is by using plastic bags. Everybody uses it. It’s free because if you are shopping for groceries or other stuffs, you will always get plastic bags to bring them.

Of course, there is no difference in Indonesia. We use plastic bags too here. (See this post to know more about it)
But do you know that there is a black plastic bag? It is just an ordinary plastic bag but it is entirely more dangerous than the ordinary ones.

Why is it dangerous?
First, it is a recycled product. You won’t know what it was recycled from. Factory waste or other dangerous chemical residue, perhaps?
Second, plastic bags used for trash like in the picture above might be recycled again to be used, or maybe just washed.
Third, the amount of people who know about this is too low.

Crazy, isn’t it? What’s crazier, though, is that the black plastic bags are often used for wrapping fries.
Usually, the fries are wrapped with paper to absorb the oily surface of the fries, but of course, that doesn’t make it any safer and healthier.

So, never ever use black plastic bags. Either use plastic bags with other colors, or don’t use it at all.

(See this video about the danger of plastic bags)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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