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In Indonesia, food resembles people

Every country has its own unique food or drink which is special to the country. Like pasta and spaghetti from Italy or taco from Mexico.

For Indonesia, the Indonesian food is not only special and dear to the country, but also characterizes or resembles the people in the area.
Two examples of this are Padang food and Middle Java food.

Padang food (See information about it in this post) is known for its spiciness which resembles the Padang people or West Sumatra people who are identically seen as people who speak loudly and speak whatever is on their mind.

Rendang, a  spicy food from Padang

Rendang, a spicy food from Padang

Middle Java food, is known for its sweetness which resembles the people living there who are calm and not big-headed.

Gudeg rice, a sweet food from Middle Java

Gudeg rice, a sweet food from Middle Java

The food there is not spicy but sweet because the condiment used is not spicy. They used fruits as the condiments to give the sweet and the sour taste to the food. Like Gudeg rice, the Gudeg is made from young jack fruit which is boiled for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk.

The most common Gudeg rice comes from Yogyakarta, and is usually sweeter, drier and reddish in because of the addition of teak leaves. What is unique about it is that it needs around three days just to make Gudeg. It can stay delicious for two days after, though.
If you are interested, you can buy this in the local restaurant in Yogyakarta for around IDR 10.000 to 20.000 ( $ US 1 to 2).

(See this video to know more about Gudeg rice)

Of course, with all the varieties spread out throughout Indonesia, various adjustments are made to the foods to fit the tongue of the local people in each area.

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Jakarta’s other name is Venice

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy located in a group of 118 small islands which are separated by canals and connected by bridges. It is famous for its beauty of its setting, architecture, artworks, and atmosphere. It is a very beautiful city worth a visit.

BUT do you know that Indonesia’s other nickname is Venice? Usually, Jakarta changes its name to Venice once or twice a year.

Indonesia has only two seasons, dry and rainy. Rainy seasons used to come in months that ends with –ber like September, October, November, and December, then added with 2 months which are January and February. But due to the global warming, the weather is now pretty confusing. It can be raining so hard in the dry season, and can be very hot and humid during rainy season.

Furthermore, do you know that there is a job in Indonesia that only appears when Jakarta is flooded? They are the Indonesian version of the Italian gondoliers.
The Indonesian people are good in seeing business opportunities. They are helping people in need of passing through the flooded area, and of course, charging money for it.

Most people living in suburban area do not really care with their health. They will play with the water, let their kids play, eating and chatting as if they are in a swimming pool. If you think that is safe, please think again. It’s not safe at all. You can get diarrhea if you play around with the flood water.
You also need to be extra careful because an unexpected animal might be lurking from the water.

Crazy, isn’t it?

(See this video to see the flood in Jakarta)

Flood has become really familiar with the Indonesian people. Every year, especially when entering the rainy season, Jakarta is always greeted with a flood.
The government seems to overlook this, thinking that this is a natural disaster. Well it is, but human causes it.
But well, this is Indonesia, a place full of uniqueness.

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Indonesia, still a plastic country?

“Los Angeles Prohibits The Use of Plastic Bags”
“Plastic Bags Are Officially Banned in Switzerland”
“Starting Jan 1, Italy Bans The Use of Plastic Bags”
“Most Korean Actors And Actresses Used To Have Plastic Surgery”

Wait, the last one is unrelated to this post.

I am sure some of you have heard these big news. Many countries all around the world have banned or prohibited the use of plastic bags. China, French, Rwanda, Uganda, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Australia, and some countries across India have done it very well. Supermarket like Wal-Mart are now prohibited too and has to charge the buyer for each plastic bag they use, only if.

The once very popular mean of carrying something is now banned. No wonder though because no matter how efficient it is, the plastic bag is actually used for only 25 minutes on average and needs around 100 years to degrade.

MEANWHILE in Indonesia, the daily weather forecast¬†is “Cloudy with a chance of plastic bags”. You can bet the forecast is always right because they are everywhere, literally.

Furthermore, when shopping in a big supermarket like Carrefour or Hypermart, one full trolley translates to¬†10-15 plastic bags. Well, this is Indonesia. No matter how hard the government tells its people to stop using plastic bags, they are still the most convenient. The only solution is perhaps to find another convenient innovation, which is surely not the ‘Bring your own shopping bag’ thing.

(See this video about saying no to plastic bags)

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