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Batik, informally formal business outfit

I am sure most people anywhere in this world are dressed formally when they are working. Even though the fashion for business outfits varies nowadays, the theme seems to be in uniform. Either it is a shirt with a tie and a coat, or  just a shirt. I bet most of them are bored as they always wear the same model but only with different colors every day in their office. Not to mention, the suffocating feeling of buttoning your neck or the stiff shoulder due to limited body movement. This, of course, can make working in the office become so tiring. But if you are lucky, you might be working at a formal place with informal outfits.

Well, if you wear that in Indonesia and using public transportation, get ready to sweat a lot and making your formal suit becomes a lot more uncomfortable.
The hot temperature added with pollution and crowded public transportation is not really the situation you would want to be in with your formal suit.

BUT do you know that there is an informal suit that can be worn formally in Indonesia? Even directors can wear it.
‘Batik’ is an Indonesian native cultural heritage and it is the identity for Indonesia itself. Because of the design and color, batik is a unique clothings with patterns different from other clothings. The batik clothing is more refreshing if compared to typical formal suits. The material is thinner so it is suitable for a tropical country like Indonesia.
When you wear it, you also don’t need to button your neck so it is not suffocating. It also comes with short sleeve or long sleeve, a very refreshing companion to be worn in a hot country.

(See this video below about how to make Batik clothings)

Too bad most Indonesian people think that the Batik clothings is not cool and therefore they don’t use it.
The way to appreciate and love our own country is begun from small and simple things like wearing batik as an example,
But they don’t really need to appreciate it. Clothings are meant to be worn, not appreciated, and it is never wrong to wear Batik because it is, after all, the same level with the formal suits.
Now you can see the business opportunity from having a Batik clothing business, right?

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

Flower Board, Pride before Word

“Congratulations”, “I am happy for you”, “I wish you big success in the future”, “May your company be a big one”, “I am sorry for your loss”, “My deepest condolences”, and other expressions are what usually said when you are congratulating someone like a manager just opening up his/her company or office, or when your friend is married, or when someone is deceased.

BUT in Indonesia, there’s a different habit, a different way of saying these expressions.
For example, you have a friend who just opens up a new company or a new office branch, and you want to congratulate him.
Or maybe you want to come to a funeral of someone close or your acquaintances.
But unfortunately, you don’t have the time to do it. So what do you do?

Say hello to the unique way of Indonesian people in expressing this kind of things.

It looks like a simple board decorated with flowers and words of congratulations or condolences, but actually, there is more to it than meets the eye.
Can you guess it? It is pride. The flower boards come in different sizes and different decoration or level of beauty.
So the bigger and more beautiful it is, the higher the pride and prestige is.

Furthermore, there is one characteristic of every flower boards. It is the big words of the sender’s name.
The “congratulations” word is as big as the name of the sender, and often smaller than it.
This makes it as if they are fighting for the pride and prestige of who got the biggest and the most beautiful flower boards.

On the other side, the company who makes and produces flower boards are laughing while waving their money.
So, investing in it is a good decision because there has always been a need for flower boards.

(See this video about the flower boards, notice how big the sender’s name is)

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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