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Indonesia is full of visual trashes

Many streets or corners around the world are very clean and free of anything, like in Singapore. This is because the government enforces a strict rule and big fine for those who break the rule. Therefore, although it is somewhat forced, the effect can always be felt and embraced. The cleanliness is now one of many interesting things proudly held by Singapore.

But in Indonesia, you surely cannot expect the cleanliness of Singapore. These pictures below will make you understand right away.

The trashes can destroy your nose by its bad smell and your eye by its dirtiness, but that is not the visual trash I am talking about. What I am talking about is the beauty of marketing that has become nothing more than a trash.

Exactly, we have to blame the marketing to have put the city into a drawing paper full of pictures and letters. From the marketing view, it is beautiful because the street user would definitely see the advertisement especially if the advertisement is unique and eye-catching.

But from the word “beautiful” itself, it is not beautiful at all. Instead, it destroys the beauty of a what is supposed to be a clean city but turned into nothing more than a place to do marketing. Furthermore, the purpose is not there anymore. There are too many advertisements that the street users do not have time to see all the advertisements, and that, slowly, makes everyone stop noticing and looking at the advertisement too.

(See this video below to see just a glimpse of the visual trashes)

If you want to put your advertisements somewhere, now you know you don’t need to waste your money putting your advertisement on the trees or electrical pole near the street.
Maybe you can think of something new, like in the toilet for example. People, especially men, will definitely stand in one spot when they are doing their ‘business’. That spot can be given an advertisement, and surely they will look and read at it as they don’t have anything better to do except to finish their ‘business’ in the toilet.

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

‘Jamu’, the ancient herbal drink in Indonesia

Traditional medicine has been seen only with one eye. Most people believe that doctor and hospital are more reliable. Well, that totally makes sense because the medical technology is already advanced and will keep improving.

Of course it is the same in Indonesia. BUT there are still many Indonesian people who believe in traditional medicine. Often, it is because they are forced since they don’t have enough money to cover the hospital expenses.

One of the most famous traditional medications from Indonesia is by drinking “jamu”Jamu is a traditional medicine from Indonesia that originated more than 1000 years ago. Usually, it is made from natural ingredients such as plants, roots or even leaves. However, several kinds of Jamu are also made from the parts of animal bodies. A lot of people have been consuming Jamu to help them to cure their diseases. Jamu is also believed to be able to enhance your beauty.

Various jamu

Various jamu

Usually, Jamu is sold by female hawkers that travel from place to place in big cities. It is usually served in the form of a drink that tastes sweet and bitter at the same time. You can also buy jamu in pharmacies since a lot of companies have started to produce Jamu. A lot of Indonesians love to consume it because there are stories about how jamu can cure severe diseases like cancer and diabetes, and also the fact that it’s made from natural ingredients, which is safer than chemical-based medicine, that makes it become so popular amongst the people.

After you hear all of those benefits you can get from consuming jamu, I am sure that you want to try it, right? However, you have to be careful since there are also fake jamu that are distributed by irresponsible people. There have been reports lately about fake jamu that are made from dangerous chemicals that contain harmful substances. These kinds of jamu will not make you become healthier. Instead, it can damage your body because of the harmful chemicals that are used in it. So, before you drink jamu,make sure that it is safe to consume.

Fake jamu factory

Fake jamu factory

(See this video to see how to make jamu)

Too bad that the jamu sellers cannot be seen that often anymore because of the globalization. People believe more and more in advanced medical technology and this makes the jamu business goes down drastically. Nowadays, they only appear in a suburban area. Though, it’s worth to visit a suburban area just to taste the unique flavor of jamu.

(Credits go respectfully to the rightful owner)

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